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In a recent chat, Obodo said his relationship status is complicated.

He also debunked Nollywood insiders report of his romance with the Gollywood actress.

Anyways it turns out it was good he hadn't shown up seeing all the mess he was in because I get the feeling he might have not seen what we were doing as a [email protected] chikapa The picture you posted, as per.

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It would be recalled that the relationship drama between Jim Iyke and Nadia Buari has been on for a while now, in recent reports, there are speculations that Nadia has eventually stepped out with a new boyfriend.

The young man is said to be a singer and songwriter.

No one can really tell but I sources said that they are secretly dating.

I would rather not talk much about it because of what I went through.

I just left a relationship that produced beautiful children.

His name is Bombshell Bacious Clay popularly known as, B. Nadia and were at the Eredi Pisano & New York Giants celebration of fashion off-the-field in USA sometime ago.

Source affirmed that, Nadia and Jim are not dating each other, the party pictures, holding hands and eventual split of Jim and his girlfriend were publicity stunts. Clay who is currently in the USA, was born in Ghana with Nigerian heritage.

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She was his right hand Woman during the premiere of his reality Tv show,holding hands and cuddle.

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