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Full download (aka Network Installation Package) of Service Pack 3 for Windows XP has been removed from Microsoft Download Center, but you can get the file from Major Geeks. Have a nice glass of juice and do some exercise while the Service Pack is being installed.

When it gets to the point where you see "Finishing installation" screen, it will still take several minutes to complete.

Windows XP Service Pack 3 (XP SP3) fixes a range of bugs and adds new features to Windows XP.

The file is a large download and can be applied to any version of Windows XP Home, Professional, Tablet PC or Media Center (32 bit only).

However, you must have installed either Windows SP1 or SP2 before SP3.* Keep in mind that new patches made available after Service Pack 3 was released (mid April 2008) will still need to be applied.

To create a new SP3 domain that mirrors your existing SP2 domain, use the Configuration Wizard.

It includes all previously released Windows XP updates (i.e.

SP1, SP2","title":"What Is the Windows XP Service Pack 3?

See Creating a New Web Logic Domain at: Note: Web Logic Server should be shut down while performing steps to upgrade the existing database schema Complete the following steps to make your Web Logic Platform 8.1 SP2 database schema 8.1 SP3-compliant: columns will be expanded from Varchar(40) to Varchar(80) when running SP3 database upgrade scripts for all databases other than Point Base.

New Point Base databases created with SP3 will properly defined the columns as Varchar(80).

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