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clay pidgeon and deflection shooting, armanents (strip our machine guns in the dark and name all parts) engines, aerodynamics. Classes held in any vacant premises, miles apart, uphill and downhill at 140 paces to the minute, and arms up to shoulder level Passed out L. C One month at Marshalls flying school,had to solo on tiger moth in under ten hours to qualify for further pilot training.

W previous subjects plus morse- radio and aldis- ,navigation, dinghy practice in the harbour, five mile cross country runs.

The functionality of the first wrist watches to be worn by pilots, is the inspiration for this collection of timeless watches.

A necessity for easy read dials in aircraft during levels of low light is echoed in the crisp, bright cream dial design of this model.

The technical features of pilot’s watches are generally anti-magnetic qualities, good shock protection, and sometimes hacking seconds for synchronization.

There are several German brands that make watches based on the wartime B-Uhr watches used by the Luftwaffe.

Yesterday cliffnemo F.o Wales Herewith garbled version of my efforts to obtain my wings during the 39/45 war.

It conjurs up images of exploring the deep blue sky in a Spitfire or a Typhoon…Similar watches are made by German companies Mühle Glashütte, Tourby, Stowa and Archimede.Anyway, here are my top 10 pilot’s watches for 2014, in ascending order of price. I have privileged the simplest versions, with just time indications.It is alleged the Nikon digital camera Flt Lt Townshend, 49, had been using in the cockpit to take pictures of passing aircraft caused the autopilot to disengage and the plane to nosedive.The incident took place over the Black Sea during a flight from RAF Brize Norton to Camp Bastion in Afghanistan on February 9, 2014, and many of the crew and passengers thought they were going to die when the aircraft plummeted 4,400ft in a matter of seconds.

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