Problem updating on turbo tax

If anyone else has had a problem with Turbo Tax charging for online filing when they advertised it as being free, please let me know. They don't even deserve any stars but that's the only way I can warn people about them. It was conveyed by their customer service representative that the bank allegedly rejected the direct deposit. Anyhow, after spending a couple hours inputting all the necessary information and having the program calculate federal tax along with tax for the State of Iowa, after all this, I was informed that I would have to pay a charge of .99 for state tax calculation.

I saw no reason to uninstall my IE browser just to see if it might help Turbotax.

PPS: I tried solution 4 here [installing Windows script 5.7] rebooting, Turbotax did update itself, but the update manager window did not close when finished . I tried to view the Tax Topic Videos and got another IE script error box instead.

In past years I have recommended Turbotax to others. PS: I received the following email from TT support on 2/13/2008Dear Gottfried xxxxxxxxxxx You asked us to notify you when we found a solution to the problem you're experiencing with updating Turbo Tax.

They can't help anyways cause they only know limited info. After several business days with no direct deposit, I contacted Turbo Tax via email. I don't even think I have any money left from my return after they took everything. Really, I'm capable of doing the paperwork myself but it takes more time and patience than I can reasonably apply to the task.

Intuit - Turbo Tax sent notification that my tax refund was processed and to expect the funds via direct deposit. Please is there anyone out there going to do something against these criminals, JUST say upfront how much your service is!!! I only make around ,000 a year, and my deductions are pretty simple: EIC, Child Tax Credit, and a few work-related expenses.

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That's even more than if I bought those two products separately. If I would have known they were going to charge, I would have bought the program at Staples for $49.99 and gotten the state for free like I usually do. Turbo Tax then charged a reprocessing fee and claimed that the my refund was sent via US mail. By this time my taxes were completed but I could not get the records nor file until I agreed to the deduction of the additional, unexpected fee. Once again the program refused to continue, now demanding yet another fee of $34.99 as well as agreement to another multi-page set of terms in order to proceed. At least that would save me from wasting time closing and reopening the pop-up several more times, in disbelief, while attempting to grasp how any slightly reasonable person might come to consider a scant line or two of vague, non-information as being helpful.

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