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They make it easier to build webpages that access, display, manipulate, and save data. You use these controls to configure access to data that you intend to use on a webpage.

Using these controls can provide development efficiency when you are building business applications that rely heavily on data. A data source can be a relational database, data stored inside of in-memory objects (such as a Data Set or an Entity Data Model), XML-based data, or data you retrieve via Microsoft Language-Integrated Query (LINQ).

Problem 1: When clicking on the Edit button the Details View will not change the mode until the second click.

The edit button required two clicks to change the mode to Edit instead of Read Only.

Details View control always stayed on the Edit Mode.

I solve this problem by canceling the Item Updating event, changing the mode, and rebinding the details view data source.

Problem 2: When clicking the update button I handle the updating of the order in the Item Updating event but the Item Updated never fires and the Details View never change the mode to Read Only after the data was updated.

I get 0 values for Old Value and New Value in Item Updating event, even though i try to update any row.

Andwhen one of these command buttons is cliked it must go to proper page.

When I click a button named btn Point, along that...

There you have access to the object via the Event Args.

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