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Draco Malfoy's mother wants him to date a muggle-born ,so he won't be like his father was.

To stop her nagging he annouces that he's dating the wizarding worlds most famous muggle-born witch.... With his mother ordering to meet her Draco gets Hermione to pretend to be his girlfriend.

He's not poor, his family doesn't discourage learning.

He chooses to rip a particular page with a pointed glance out of a book. "The poster theorizes that Draco was curious about basilisks because his dad, Lucious, had been talking about it at home.

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Ron tells Harry he has just passed a Muggle driving test after confunding the examiner – but he does not want Hermione to know.After all, Indie-band asks, "Why would Hermione, with her love and care for books almost on par with the librarian, rip a page out of a book she could have just checked out?My guess is she didn't find it in the library."Even though Draco's ripping the page didn't happen in the book, and Hermione did seem to make the connection to the basilisk herself, the theory still resonates as Draco's action seems like a deliberate addition to the movie.Boat trips supply every little thing from you and may also have a safe home and community.Keytrain anytime, anywhere with an internet dating site or two that you want to change with the free sex education.

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Everyone assumed that Hermione was the one who figured it out, but a Tumblr user named Indie-band theorizes that Draco might have had a helping hand in the discovery!

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