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It draws big crowds most of whom want only to spectate and enjoy the parties that surround the event, but there is always an element of danger.Every year, top international surfers compete for the Quiksilver Cup in El Salvador’s premier surf location.Pupusas are, if not the most popular traditional food in El Salvador, a dish that dates back to the pre-colonial times.Pupusas can be made with two types of dough which are based on corn or rice, ingredients vary according to the pupusas being prepared.A traditional annual celebration, “The Balls of Fire” may have originated in 1658 when the volcano El Paypon erupted and forced villagers to flee from Nixapa to Nejapa.Whatever the origin, it’s now gaining a reputation to match Pamplona’s bull running with thrill-seekers throwing lit petrol-soaked rags at each other.

“It’s the evolution of gang warfare, what’s going on in Honduras and El Salvador.

Having chosen the dough, the inner filling are can be: cheese, beans, pork, loroco ( which is a flower), spinach, chicken, mushrooms and/or shrimp.

However, other types of inner filling can also be found.

The music ranges from meringue, salsa and samba to reggae and the high-tempo reggaeton popular throughout the region.

Over the years, the pretty colonial hillside town of Suchitoto has become a haven for students and artsy types.

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