Cringe dating disasters

I was highly embarrassed and ended up leaving the restaurant (31-40, Australia)The Odyssey 5.

Here are 15 hand-picked, unforgivably cringeworthy favorites guaranteed to make you glad you’re no longer in the dating game. We talked for hours, and he asked to meet up the next week for dinner. He was 10 minutes late, without any message or apology. He told me he wanted to have children with the next girl he meets. Then he took me to a food court for dinner — and wanted me to pay for my own food. The guy who arrived was not the same guy shown in the online profile — or even the same one I had been talking to on the phone.

They were enjoying a cheeky snog at the end of the evening when a lurch from her stomach saw her share a little more than saliva. The date with the period disaster You know when you’re so into a date that you don’t even notice a heavy period come on? Well, one person did when she stood up after watching a movie with her date and saw his sheets were red.

The date with the shared puke One date failed to mention to her beau for the evening that she had eaten an egg sandwich that had tasted funny.

The 30 minutes of weeping afterwards was the last they ever saw of each other.

The date with the lost keys It might be cliche but there is nothing more romantic than a night-time walk on the beach.

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When asked why their dates were so disastrous, 41 per cent claimed it was because they were nervous, while 30 per cent said that their confidence was low and a further 22 per cent blamed their clumsiness for their bad luck in love.

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