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It turns out that when you run your dotnet ef commands against this project from the command line, it sets the working directory to be the ./bin/debug/netappcore1.* directory and attempts to find the in that directory. I recompiled and re-ran my dotnet ef database migration update commands and it worked.

Get Connection String("(default)"); I ran into issues with “dotnet ef” not being able to find the file. I’ll just mark so that it gets copied to the Output Dir.

In my implementation of IDb Context Factory, I wanted to be able to read my connection strings from and from environment variables. It assumes that your file will be near the code and the csproj file. This is the key item that keeps this API project from messing up the runtime in all the other projects.

This would mirror the same kind of configuration and initialization that happens in ASP. The important thing here is that this allows me to AVOID marking as Copy Always in the Benday. The two private methods understand 1) how to create instances of Configuration Builder() with the correct references to and environment variables and 2) how to grab a connection string and create an instance of your Db Context class.

Most of these reconfiguration events often complete in less than 60 seconds.

During this reconfiguration time span, you may have connectivity issues to Azure SQL Database.

In later tutorials, you'll add more migrations as you change the data model.

When you develop a new application, your data model changes frequently, and each time the model changes, it gets out of sync with the database.

Then each time you change the data model -- add, remove, or change entity classes or change your Db Context class -- you can delete the database and EF creates a new one that matches the model, and seeds it with test data.

For information about the tutorial series, see the first tutorial in the series.

In this tutorial, you start using the EF Core migrations feature for managing data model changes.

Models @Nitish Unfortunately the problem described is yours. You can install them for free on your dev computer and so far I had no problem with .

Depending on your needs, you might want to switch your database and use SQL Server 2016 or SQL Local DB.

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