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“You see it particularly in Mona Lisa’s nose, her forehead and her smile.We’ve come up with an answer to a question that has divided scholars for years. ” It is thought that Salai began working for da Vinci when he was around 10-years-old, after joining the artist’s household in 1490. Gherardini married Francesco del Giocondo, whose family owned an extravagant villa during the period in which da Vinci painted the Mona Lisa (between 15).Vinceti has been excavating a covent in Florence for four years with the aim of unearthing Gherardini’s remains.As ever with artistic theories, Vinceti’s conclusions have not gone unchallenged.Martin Kemp, a leading da Vinci expert and professor emeritus of history of art at Trinity College, Oxford, has dismissed the claims as “a mishmash of known things, semi-known things and complete fantasy”.

Many serve free wine and a lot of them will have the artists present, so you can ask them questions and learn a little more about their work.

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Creative people are 'right brain' people, while those who are more analytical tend to be 'left brain' it is thought.

No matter how you enjoy your art, it always makes for a great date night.

Here are a few great date ideas for art lovers in Denver.

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